Left Back Pain

Everything You Need To Know About Left Back Pain


When we experience isolated back pain the first instinct is to think to a specific event or activity as the likely culprit. While often that is the cause for isolated back pain such as left side back pain, often the answer isn't as clear-cut. The pain can be due to a muscle strain or a more serious issue, but the only way to know is to get an accurate diagnosis.

Most adults experience some form of non-specific back pain throughout their lives. For this reason, however, many assume that any back pain is just a mild discomfort and fail to seek any treatment for their left side back pain.

The more you know about what to look for when you experience back pain, the more likely you are to treat the problem before it begins to interfere with your life.


The truth is that left side back pain symptoms can present in a variety of ways. The main symptom is persistent pain that is isolated to the left side, however that pain can be dull or sharp, radiating or persistent. Your pain may be worse when you move or when stationary. You may notice the pain is isolated not just to the left side, but also to the upper, lower or mid-left back.

The varying nature of the symptoms of left side back pain are partially to blame for why many people fail to seek medical help for persistent left side pain in the back.

If the pain on the left side of your back persists for more than a couple of weeks, it is time to get a diagnosis and begin a treatment plan.

Causes Of Left Side Back Pain

Before your appointment with your back pain specialist it is important that you take note of anything that could have triggered the onset of the pain. While the causes of left side back pain may vary, you can help in the diagnostic process by thinking of any activities or symptoms that cropped up around the onset of pain.

One of the most common causes of left side back pain include basic lifestyle or occupational habits such as improper lifting and poor posture. These factors can be easily changed, and should be, as it could cause a quick turnaround in your pain situation. Poor posture and improper lifting can also cause muscle strain, which is why you may be experiencing pain on the left side of your back.

But in some instances the pain can be caused more something more nefarious, such as a pinched nerve, cancer, kidney problems and inflammatory diseases. When your left side back pain is caused by something more serious than a muscle strain, it is imperative to get an accurate diagnosis as soon as possible so you and your pain specialist can come up with an effective treatment plan.

Back pain is notoriously difficult to diagnose without being able to point to a specific injury or accident as the culprit, which is why your input will help your pain specialist use the right diagnostic techniques to give you the most accurate diagnosis.



Diagnosing left side back pain isn't just about pointing to the surface incident that preceded the pain; it is about diagnosing the root cause of the pain and treating that. You don't want to just treat the symptoms or you will be spending a lot of time and money with ongoing pain treatment.

The diagnostic process requires your input in terms of your medical history which includes injuries, illnesses and anything else that could affect your back. But it will also be up to you to vocalize when the pain occurs, how severe the pain is and explain what type of pain you are experiencing. You will be given range of motions tests to help determine what type of tests you need for a proper diagnosis; don't pretend the pain is less (or more) than you feel. Be honest and explain as much as you need to get your point across.

Left Side Back Pain Treatments

There are a variety of treatment plans available for left side back pain, depending on the cause of your pain. In fact the treatment will come in stages. Prior to your visit to your back pain specialist you will only treat the pain using anti-inflammatory and pain relief pills, creams and ointments.

Once you have a diagnosis for your pain, you and your physician will come up with a multifaceted treatment plan that may include physical therapy, exercise, muscle balance therapy and an improved diet. For more serious problems treatment may mean treating the illness or disease causing you pain.

The absolute last resort treatment for serious left side back pain is surgery. Due to the risks associated with surgery it is only recommended as the final step in treating back pain. Moreover in very few instances will surgery "cure" the cause of the back pain, which means you will have endured the surgery and recovery and still have to contend with left side back pain.

Take preemptive measures to avoid back pain by utilizing proper posture, lifting with your legs and making exercise and a healthy diet part of your everyday life.

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