Muscle Irritation


When experts discuss muscular irritation, they are primarily referring muscle irritation that occurs at or near the upper back, and the associated upper back pain. Most upper back pain is caused by muscular irritation, because range of motion damage (which contributes to lower back pain) is less common, as the upper spine doesn’t produce as much movement as the lower spine.

What is a Herniated Disc?

Muscular irritation is, as the name implies, irritation of the muscles. Irritation may be caused by a number of different factors including, but not limited to:

  • Repetitive Motion – Many jobs require tasks that create repetitive motion, and performing the save movements in repetition is known to irritate muscles.
  • Weak Muscles – Those that don’t exercise their muscles often may have muscles that are not strong enough to perform all of the tasks the upper back is expected to perform, leading to increased irritation.
  • Trauma – Trauma to the muscles in your upper back is not uncommon. If you play sports, trip, or get into any sort of accident, trauma to your muscles is not unexpected.

Symptoms of Muscular Irritation

Muscular irritation to the point of chronic upper back pain is rare, and most muscular irritation responds well to treatments. Symptoms of muscular irritation include:

  • Pain – Both sharp and dull pain in your upper back or neck may be a caused my muscular irritation, although duller pains are slightly more common. Pain may also occur only during movement, although persistent pain even at rest is not uncommon.
  • Spasms – Muscles that are strained may spasm on occasion, although this is much less common in the upper back.

Muscular Irritation Prevention

Preventing muscular irritation involves paying attention to your body and avoiding repetitive motions. Other ways to prevent muscular irritation include:

  • Exercise – Keep the muscles in your upper back strong to experience less irritation.
  • Stretch – Un-stretched muscles are more prone to irritation.
  • Good Posture – Poor posture may weaken muscles and leave them susceptible to irritation.

Muscular irritation may impact your life if you leave it untreated. Use the above prevention tips to reduce the risk for this type of disorder, and look for ways to reduce physical stress on your body.

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