Right Back Pain

Everything You Need To Know About Right Back Pain


As new technology makes life easier it also adds a dose of aches and pains to our days, that unfortunately most of us tend to ignore. Whether it is suffering through an extended commute to work or long hours in front of the computer, these aches and pains can become a chronic problem if left untreated.

Back pain in general is on the rise among the adult population due to a variety of lifestyle and occupational choices. Right side back pain specifically is fairly common among adults of all ages, but the causes for pain on the right side of the back can vary from injury to muscle strain to serious illness.

The best course of action to prevent the worsening of back pain is immediate diagnosis and treatment.

What Causes Right Side Back Pain?

Many of the activities and movements that cause pain on the right side of the back can occur anywhere on the back. Where the pain appears will depend on what caused the pain. When pain occurs on the right side of the back the cause can be something as benign as poor posture, improper lifting or muscle strain. These causes can be fairly easy to diagnose and treat, particularly if you don't wait before seeking treatment.

Recurring injuries may also cause pain isolated on the right side even if the initial injury did not occur on the right side. If, for example, the left side of the back was injured and you have been favoring your right side that can cause muscle strain on the right side.

A muscle imbalance is a common cause for isolated back pain such as right side back pain. If the muscles in the back are not working together to perform movements, one muscle may become overworked while the other isn't worked enough. This imbalance can occur and cause pain to either the over or underworked muscle.

For some, right side back pain can be attributed to an infection or injury to the urinary tract, which includes the bladder and kidneys. Treating the infection or injury can quickly alleviate back pain.



If you experience pain on the right side of your back, sharp or dull, for more than a few weeks, it is time to get professional help. The pain may occur in one section of the right side or all over, but it will be isolated to the right side, sometimes radiating up to the neck or shoulders or down the buttocks and legs.

Once you've taken the step to seek out a professional opinion on how to treat your right side back pain, the diagnostic phase will begin. Your back pain specialist will need to pinpoint the cause and exact location of the pain before creating an effective treatment plan.

Diagnosing right side back pain may include:

  • X-rays
  • Blood tests
  • Medical history
  • Range of motion tests

Once you have a diagnosis you can begin focusing on treating right side back pain.

Right Back Pain Treatments

Treating back pain comes in all shapes and forms, taken from medicine from all over the world. Some patients prefer a hands-off, inactive treatment such as pain relief medicine, hot/cold packs and massages. Others prefer to take a more active role in treatment with yoga and exercise, stretching, adopting a healthy diet, chiropractic treatments and weight loss.

Muscle balance therapy is an effective treatment for right side back pain, but as your physician will tell you, the most effective treatment will depend on the cause of your pain. Most treatments for right side back pain rely on a combination of treatments to relax muscles, reduce swelling and improve muscle strength.

Treat your pain with anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medicine in the days prior to your doctor's appointment. This will help minimize the pain and further injury before your diagnosis.

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